Why Class A Work Permit is much better than B and C?

China increased the management of the foreigners in the recent years, made huge reformation and many new policies, build a new Foreigner Work Permit system which is more practical and scientific. The new system focus on more about the ability, contribution and value, it classifies the China Work Permit as A, B, C.
Class A for high level work permit, Class B for common while Class C for temporary working, fresh graduates and quota.







Here’s the 6 Qualifications of Class A:

A1. For Talents Programs
Many China government departments, provinces, cities set up lots of Talents Programs, such as “1000 Talent Plan” of Shanghai, Shanghai Rising-Star Program, Shanghai Financial Talent Project, Beijing Great Minds Plan, Beijing Talents Aggregation program, Guangzhou Kapok Plan, Shenzhen Peacock Talents Program, Guangdong Sail Plan for Talents, Jiangsu Six Talent Peaks Program, Nanjing 321 Talents program and so on. (There’s around 180 talent plans in China, follow our WeChat and check the list).

A2. For International Criteria of Professional Achievement
1. Be awarded of well-known international awards, scientific awards, literary awards and so on.
2. Science and technology leaders, well-known headmasters, professors, Senior Researcher and so on.
3. Works in Top 500 or well-known companies as senior management position or technical directors.
4. Works in foreign country government department or well-known international organization as minister or leader or above.
5. The athletes in Top 8 of well-known international matches, coaches. The actors or performers give performance in well-known theaters, other professional talents of important matches.

A3. For market demand or government-encouraged positions
1. Work in big companies, High-tech companies, research centers, technical centers or encouraged industry companies as senior management or technical position
2. Work in universities, research institutions, hospitals as professor, researcher or senior management position.
3. Work in philharmonic societies, well-known News as director, editor, designer, impresarios, technical position and other athletes and coaches.
4. Salary more than 6 times local average salary.

A4. For Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents
1. Own important invention or patent as investor of the company, main manager or technical people of the company that turnover more than RMB 10 million or tax more than 1 million on the past 3 years.
2. The senior management or technical position of Innovating company(check with VisaOfChina if your company is on the list).

A5. The post-doctoral researcher in the universities and younger than 40.

A6. Score more than 85 of the Work Permit Score Form.

目前新版的外国人工作许可分为A,B,C三类, 其中A类工作许可为高端人才工作许可,B类为专业人才工作许可, C类为临时性或应届毕业生和配额制人员

A1 入选国内人才引进计划的
A2 符合国际公认的专业成就认定标准的
A3 符合市场导向的鼓励类岗位需求的外国人才
A4 创新创业人才
A5 优秀青年人才
A6 计点积分在85 分以上的

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What Shall We Prepare for Changing Job?

As the new China work permit policy started from April 2017, it’s a big change of the rules and systems, dominant bureau also converted from Labor bureau to Expert Bureau. The new protocols are extremely strict on applicant’s documents.

For applicants who work in China changing a job will be more complicated, more important thing is that you need to carefully process your application to avoid troublesome. The whole process costs 4-6 weeks, some applications may cost 1-3 months, what type of visa to hold during the process became a technical job, we suggest that you should consult an experienced agent or personnel to assist along the way.

Here are some advices and tips for those who are changing between jobs:

1. Documents list you need to prepare when you change to a new job:
1) Your accurate and updated resume
2) Work reference letter (From any of your former employers)
3) Original diploma with notarization copy
(This can be exempted if you start the new work permit application on time)
4) Non-criminal record report with notarization
(This can be exempted if you start the new work permit application on time)
5) A release letter from your last employer
6) The Cancellation letter of the last Alien Employment Permit book(if you already have new version work permit card then ignore this)
7) Other documents are easy to prepare such as passport, photos etc (Please check our website or Public WeChat for the detailed documents list)

2. Steps
1) Apply new Work Permit Card (4-6 weeks)
2) Apply new Working Visa(5-7 working days)

3. Release Letter from the previous employer and Cancellation Letter of the last Alien Employment Permit book
Getting a Release Letter from your employer when you leave current job is helpful for your new working visa application.
Getting the Cancellation Letter of the last Alien Employment Permit book is the 1st step of the whole process, you can only start the application with this letter which usually costs 1 week to apply.
(Please see samples of the above mentioned two letters on our website or Public WeChat)

4. Foreigner Work Permit System Account
Please confirm with your new employer if they have an account on Foreigner Work Permit System (http://fwp.safea.gov.cn), or they have to register and apply one.
To open an account on the System require your employer to register online and verify the documents on the Expert Bureau counter, it cost 1-2 working days (other cities might cost1-2 weeks)

5. Working Experience and Position Title
You can not change the position title with your new job unless you prove at least 2 years relevant Working experience, for instance, if you were working as a Marketing Manager with your current company, you can not change the job title to a designer unless you provide a reference letter claiming that you have worked as a designer for at least 2 years.

The Job Changing application has become a very technical job ever since April 2017, there’s a lot detailed requirements of each doucments and step, it takes up much more energy and time if you are not familiar with the new protocols. Do consult a professional agent to walk you through each step is suggested and necessary.

Writer’s Note:
In the job changing application, Shanghai and Beijing accept any of your current visa when you apply new working visa, other cities only accept resident permit.

Shanghai Expert Bureau accept your current resident permit expiry during the process, other cities would cancel your application if your current resident permit expires during the process and require you a new application instead of a changing application(New application require the Non-criminal record report and Diploma notarization)

Shanghai and Beijing accept the new Working Visa(Resident Permit) application with Z visa/Work Permit Notice/WorkPermit Card, other city only accept the Z visa/Work Permit Card, this means other city applicants have to go out China to apply Z visa and come back(But for changing process will be depends on).

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