After the Chinese new year, we’d better plan for the China work permit and visa renewal process right now to avoid the affection of your holiday trip. Based on the new system and policy it may cost 4-6 weeks to finish all the process.
There’s two steps for the renewal process:
1. Work Permit Renewal, cost 2-4 weeks, documents required:
For applicant,
a. Passport copy, current resident permit page copy, last entry stamp page copy
b. Work permit card copy(front and back page)
c. Applicant’s latest labor contract
(need to show the exact position, contract period, work content, how long work in China every year, must in Chinese version, please download via VisaOfChina official WeChat)
d. * Individual Income Tax (IIT) report

For employer,
Employer company need to register on the Foreigner Work Permit system ( and status shows normal.
[IMPORTANT NOTE] For work permit renewal, the labor bureau requires to make application 30 days before expired date.
This step need the original passport to show to the labor bureau counter (not keep).
2. Work Visa Renewal, 7 working days, documents required

a. Original passport
(need to keep in immigration bureau for 7 working days (Shanghai), for Beijing and other cities need to keep for 10-15 working days)
b. Temporary police registration resident paper(see samples via VisaOfChina official WeChat)
c. Work permit card
d. Original company business license
e. Application letter (download sample via VisaOfChina official WeChat)
f. For 2/3/5 years work visa application requires extral documents (Please talk to VisaOfChina)

For further information, please check VisaOfChina official WeChat or just leave your message here.

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