Since 2017, there are many expats who got the Chinese permanent residence, it has beccome quite popular to apply for Chinese PR( Green Card). Below is a list to check if your qualify for the Chinese PR.This is the most popular PR application type.

First, The PR is only valid for 5-10 years. And it is only for the following type of expats:

1. Have a Chinese spouse; For most of the expats who are married with Chinese citzens, Here is the list of documents required for the PR application.

    • 中国公民或者在中国获得永久居留资格的外国人的配偶,申请时及申请之日前,婚姻关系存续满五年、在中国连续居留满五年、每年在中国居留不少于九个月、有稳定生活保障和住所、遵守中国法律、身体健康、无犯罪记录的外国人,可以申请永久居留。

For expats who are married to a chinese  if you are married for more than five years, and stay in China continuously for five years, and each year acutally  lived in China for more than nine months, With stable accomondation, you can apply for the PR.

2. Working in China for more than four years, and with work permit and tax payment records.

    • 外国人在北京已连续工作满4,且4年内每年在中国境内实际居住累计不少于6个月;申请时及申请之日前连续4工资性年收入(税前)50万元人民币以上;每年缴纳个人所得税10万元人民币以上;经现工作单位推荐,可以申请办理外国人永久居留证。

if you have been working in Beijing for more than 4 years, and stay each year more than 6 months, In the 4 years working, your gross income is more than half million RMB, and tax paid is more than 100,000RMB, you can apply for the PR.

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