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Danish Business Outlook on China Index May 2022

The DBOC Index established in January 2021 tracks chang […]

European Companies In China Navigate Covid-19, More Perilous Waters Lie Ahead

在华欧盟企业渡过疫情困境,未来或将迎更大风浪 Beijing, 8th June 2021&nbsp […]

China Likely Reopens to World in First Half of 2022: Top Experts

After more than a year, the world is still battling aga […]

Yangtze River Delta Engagement

The Yangtze River Delta region incorporates Shanghai Di […]

How To Check Your Tax Record in China

China has made many tax abatement reforms since 2017, m [...]

How to Apply Chinese Permanent Residence?

Since 2017, there are many expats who got the Chinese p [...]

Documents Required for China Work Permit and Visa Renewal

After the Chinese new year, we'd better plan for the Ch [...]

New E-commerce Law: how will it impact Daigou and WeChat stores?

We received many questions from clients and readers ask [...]

China Work Permit – How to apply Non-criminal Record Report

As the new China Work Permit policy started on 1st Apri [...]

Diploma of University List Can Be Authenticated in China

As the new work permit policy start from 2017, it requi [...]

China Improve Visa Exemption Policy for Hainan Free Trade Port

To promote Hainan Island reform to build Free Trade Por [...]

Why Class A Work Permit is much better than B and C?

China increased the management of the foreigners in the [...]

How Fresh Graduates Apply China Work Permit

There’s coming the graduation season and many people wo [...]


PHT International is a leading Custom Manufacturing Org [...]

What Shall We Prepare for Changing Job?

As the new China work permit policy started from April [...]

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