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涉外咨询服务 Foreign Consulting Service

来华签证(延期)办理 | Chinese Visa (Extension)

来华签证咨询(境外)| Chinese Visa Consulting

港签代传递服务(境外)| Chinese Visa Service in HongKong

居留许可(延期)办理 | Resident Permit(Extension) in China

来华工作许可通知办理 | Notification Letter of Work Permit in China

来华工作许可证办理| Work Permit Certificate in China

工作签证延期办理| Work Visa(Z-Visa) Extension in China

工作证件迁移(境内)| Job-transfer Procedure within China

外商投资企业设立| Set-up of a Company in China

外国企业常驻代表机构设立| Set-up of an Representative Office in China

涉税咨询 | Tax-related Consulting

财务咨询 | Accounting Consulting

国际贸易 | International Trade

海事海商 | Marine and Maritime

国际投资 | International Investment

知识产权 | IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

法律顾问 | Legal Advisor

诉讼与仲裁 | Litigation and Arbitration

公司与证券业务 | Company and Securities Business

金融业务 | Financial Legal Service

建设工程与房地产 | Construction Engineering and Real Estate

人力资源外包 Human Resource Outsource

会务接待 Conference Reception

翻译 Translation and Interpretation

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2024 年 6 月

关于我们 | About us

We try to offer the professional localized service to foreigners in China (Ningbo)including entrepreneur management, company development, marketing strategy, business consulting, human resource(,etc.) to make their career life more easier in China.

Delta Wish 主要致力于为来华(甬)的外籍人士提供专业高效的本地化服务,内容主要包括为在华(甬)的外国机构或外籍人士提供企业管理,企业发展,市场开发,商务咨询,人力资源等一系列嵌入式咨询服务。


邮箱| Email: [email protected]
电话| Tel.: +86-132 5243 4256

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