Our Services

涉外咨询服务 Foreign Consulting Service

来华签证(延期)办理 | Chinese Visa (Extension)

来华签证咨询(境外)| Chinese Visa Consulting

港签代传递服务(境外)| Chinese Visa Service in HongKong

居留许可(延期)办理 | Resident Permit(Extension) in China

来华工作许可通知办理 | Notification Letter of Work Permit in China

来华工作许可证办理| Work Permit Certificate in China

工作签证延期办理| Work Visa(Z-Visa) Extension in China

工作证件迁移(境内)| Job-transfer Procedure within China

外商投资企业设立| Set-up of a Company in China

外国企业常驻代表机构设立| Set-up of an Representative Office in China

涉税咨询 | Tax-related Consulting

财务咨询 | Accounting Consulting

国际贸易 | International Trade

海事海商 | Marine and Maritime

国际投资 | International Investment

知识产权 | IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

法律顾问 | Legal Advisor

诉讼与仲裁 | Litigation and Arbitration

公司与证券业务 | Company and Securities Business

金融业务 | Financial Legal Service

建设工程与房地产 | Construction Engineering and Real Estate

人力资源外包 Human Resource Outsource

会务接待 Conference Reception

翻译 Translation and Interpretation

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