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Why Choose Ningbo?

Ningbo is a major departure port of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and porcelain trade. President Xi Jinping once remarked that Ningbo stood as a living monument to the past interactions of the ancient Silk Road.

Ever since the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port started integrated operation, it has risen to be the most important trunk port in global ocean shipping and one of China’s major national hub ports.

A Harmonious and Beautiful City

Ningbo is bordered by the East China Sea, surrounded by mountain ranges, and crisscrossed by three rivers, the Yao River, Fenghua River, and Yong River. It features both the beauty of a riverside city in the southern Yangtze River region and a coastal city. Ningbo is home to Siming Mountains National Forestry Park, Dongqian Lake National Tourism Resort, and Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park, among other attractions.

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We try to offer the professional localized service to foreigners in China (Ningbo)including entrepreneur management, company development, marketing strategy, business consulting, human resource(,etc.) to make their career life more easier in China.

Delta Wish 主要致力于为来华(甬)的外籍人士提供专业高效的本地化服务,内容主要包括为在华(甬)的外国机构或外籍人士提供企业管理,企业发展,市场开发,商务咨询,人力资源等一系列嵌入式咨询服务。


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